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Required Curriculum

Fall 2023 courses available to ENS majors and minors. Please consult the UK Course Catalog for the most up-to-date information.

UK Core Requirements

  • Natural and Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Citizenship: Global Dynamics

College of Arts & Sciences Requirements

ENS Core Requirements

Core Course Descriptions

  • ENS 201 Environmental & Sustainability Studies I: Humanities and Social Sciences
  • ENS 202 Environmental & Sustainability Studies II: Natural Sciences and Policy
  • ENS 300 Special Topics in Environmental & Sustainability Studies
  • PHI 336 Environmental Ethics
  • ENG 425 Environmental Writing
  • ENS 400 Capstone Course in Environmental & Sustainability Studies

ENS Major Requirements: Areas of Expertise (5, 2, 1, course(s) in each)

  • Economics Area of Expertise
  • Environment Area of Expertise
  • Society Area of Expertise

Examples of Thematic Concentrations