UK Core Requirements

UK Core Course Requirements

There are some very good courses with direct relevance to an ENS Degree that would fulfill the Core requirements. These courses are listed below and would be used in advising ENS students during their first year at UK. The two courses preceded by an asterisk are electives in the ENS Area requirements and, importantly, would count towards the A&S requirement for 39 credits at the 300-level and above.

There will be opportunities for developing new UK Core courses within the ENS Program and having these cross-listed with various departments. This could take place through the ENS 300 Special Topics course. ENS 300 would also be useful for meeting the A&S B.A. requirement for courses at or above the 300-level.

Core Course Requirements Credit Hours A&S Requirements (In Addition to UK Core) Credit Hours
I. Intellectual Inquiry   I. Natural Sciences  
a. Humanities 3 a. NS-2 3
b. Natural, Physical, Mathematical Sciences 3 b. NS-3 3
c. Social Sciences 3 II. Humanities  
d. Creativity & the Arts 3 a. H-2 3
II. Composition and Communication   b. H-3 3
a. CC-1 3 III. Social Sciences  
b. CC-2 3 a. SS-2 3
III. Quantitative Reasoning   b. SS-3 3
a. Quantitative Foundations 3 IV. Language   
b. Statistical Inferential Reasoning 3 a. FL-3 3
IV. Citizenship   b. FL-4 3
a. Community, Culture, and Citizenship in the US 3 V. Free Electives  
b. Global Dynamics 3 a. FE-1 3
Foreign Language    b. FE-2 3
a. FL-1 3 VI. Lab or Field Exp. 3
b. FL-2 3 VII. Grad. Writing Req. 3
Total Credit Hours 36 Total Credit Hours 36

1. Natural and Physical Sciences

GEO 130: Earth's Physical Environment
GEO 135:  Global Climate Change
GLY 110: Endangered Planet: An Intro. to Environ. Geology

GLY 120:  Sustainable Planet: Geology of Natural Resources

2. Social Sciences

ECO 101: Contemporary Economic Issues*
SOC 360: Environmental Sociology
SOC 363: Environmental Justice

*This course is encouraged because it demonstrates the importance that economics play in sustainability.

3. Citizenship: Global Dynamics
GEO 131: Introduction to Global Environmental Issues
SAG 201: Cultural Perspectives on Sustainability
ANT 225: Culture, Environmental and Global Issues
ANT 311: Global Dreams and Realities in a “Flat World”

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