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headshot of Lauren Cagle, a white woman with shoulder length curly brown hair
ENS Program Director Dr. Cagle

Hello, prospective Environmental & Sustainability Studies majors!

If you would like to chat about the ENS program, you can set up an appointment with the Director of ENS, Dr. Lauren Cagle, or the ENS Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Andrew Wood. ENS has faculty from departments all across the College of Arts & Sciences, from anthropology to geology to rhetoric, and far more!

The ENS Director, Dr. Cagle, is a professor in Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies. She teaches classes on environmental writing, climate communication, and more! You can email her at

The ENS Director of Undergraduate Studies (or DUS) Dr. Wood, is a professor in Geography (and also the Geography DUS). He'll be glad answer questions about the ENS program or any of the myriad other things you may be worrying about as you start up at UK. You can email him at

To set up an appointment, just send an email with both Dr. Cagle and Dr. Wood as recipients.

headshot of Andy Wood, a white man wearing a sweater, cap, and backpack
ENS Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr. Wood

We can tell you about:

  • How the ENS program is different from other campus programs oriented toward the environment
  • Where ENS majors get jobs and how they did it
  • Where ENS majors get internships and how they did it
  • What classes to take and how to strategize your course planning
  • How to declare or change your major or minor
  • How undergraduate advising works at UK

Here are some resources for you to learn more:

Check out the ENS 4-year plan

ENS majors can take multiple pathways through the degree. The 4-year-plan gives you a sense of what that might look like!

Check out the ENS Major Sheet

The ENS major sheet lays out all the requirements and courses you can choose from as an ENS major.

Check out the ENS Minor

The ENS minor sheet lays out all the requirements and courses you can choose from as an ENS major.

Check out UK Education Abroad opportunities

UK Education Abroad offers many opportunities for international study. ENS students have traveled widely, including groups of students who studied and conducted research in the Netherlands and in Bali this summer!

Check out UK Undergraduate Research opportunities

As a top-tier research university full of faculty conducting cutting-edge work in their fields, UK offers tons of opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in research and conduct their own research projects. The UK Office of Undergraduate Research can get you started!

Learn more about the UK Core

Every undergraduate at UK must complete UK Core requirements, and there are many course options to fulfill those requirements.

Get help with UK AP/IB/Dual Credit

If you have earned AP, IB, and/or dual credit, you can work with UK staff to integrate them into your UK degree requirements.

Get help with Transfer Equivalencies

If you are a transfer student, you can work with UK staff and ENS program leadership to transfer relevant and equivalent credits.


Prospective student time to meet with faculty: 

Monday, September 25, 3-4pm EST

Monday October 16, 3-4pm EST

Monday November 27, 3-4pm EST

Wednesday December 13, 2-3pm EST