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Explore Environmental & Sustainability Studies

Prospective ENS majors:

 If you would like to talk in more depth about the ENS program, you can set up a Zoom appointment with me, Dr. Tony Stallins. I am the ENS Undergraduate Advisor (and also the Geography Undergraduate Advisor). I'll be glad answer questions about the ENS program or any of the myriad other things you may be worrying about as you start up at UK. You can make a Zoom appointment at the link below. If the times posted on the calendar don't work, send an email to

I can tell you about:
How the ENS program is different from other campus programs oriented toward the environment
Where ENS majors get jobs and how they did it
Where ENS majors get internships and how they did it
What classes to take and how to strategize your course planning
How to declare or change your major or minor
How undergraduate advising works at UK

Tony Stallins, Professor
Undergraduate Advisor
Environmental and Sustainability Program
Department of Geography

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