The ENS program highly encourages students to pursue internships while studying at UK.  You can also earn course credit applicable to your ENS area of expertise requirements through our internship course, ENS 399.  Please contact the undergraduate faculty advisor for ENS, Dr. Tony Stallins for more information.

Students are for the most part responsible for locating their own internships, although ENS faculty do their best to communicate internship opportunities to you as they encounter them. Some internships are recurring and open up each year. Others may be affiliated with one-time projects, grants, or initiatives. Consider also that you can make your own internship. Find a name at a place you wish to work and pitch yourself as an intern. Many of the advertised internships, particularly those with only one or two openings may be competitive. Other advice for finding an internship: pay attention to the emails you recieve on the ENS listserv, as internship announcements are often posted there. Talk to your instructors and graduate student TAs about opportunities they may be aware of. If a friend of yours has an internship, inquire if their is the possibility of you stepping into it once they finish. Consult the ENS LinkedIn webpage to see where ENS graduates work and hold internships.

University of Kentucky Sustainability Internships
Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition

Recent Internships

Student Location
Bethany Schagane FoodChain
Hannah Smith Roundstone Native Seed
Madi Syndor Kentucky Transportation Center
Rachelanne Knoll Kentucky Association of Environmental Education
Olivia Tussey UK Recycling
Quincy Ipsaro UK Office of Sustainability - Built Environment


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