Current Undergrad Faculty


ENS Program Faculty

Betsy Beymer-Farris: Director: | Commodity chains and networks, gender and the environment, environmental conservation, East Africa, tropical ecology.

Tony Stallins: Undergraduate Advisor: | Ecology, climate change, science and technology studies.

Lauren Cagle: | Environmental rhetoric, climate change communication, disability studies.

Lisa Cliggett: | Household political economy, sub-saharan Africa, aging and life course, migration and new land settlement, political economy, kinship-family and social organization.

Alan Fryar: | Hydrogeology, low temperature geochemistry

Bob Sandmeyer: | Environmental philosophy.

Ted Schatzki: | Theory of social life, philosophy of social science.

Alice Turkington: | Weathering, erosion, stone decay, geomorphology.

Ernest Yanarella: | Appalachian studies, peace studies, political science.

ENS Staff

Lori Tyndall: Department Manager:

Shane Tedder: Sustainability Coordinator: | Sustainable transportation systems.

ENS Affiliate Faculty:

Mary Anglin: | Medical anthropology, political economy, Latin America, HIV/ AIDS.

Richard Jefferies: | Rituals behaviors, cultural ecology, prehistoric economic systems, subsistence systems.

Ann Kingsolver: | Appalachian studies, social justice, Latin America.

Jim Krupa: | Ecology, evolutionary biology, mammology.

Sarah Lyon: | Gender and women, political economy, ethical consumption, Latin America, labor.

Priscilla McCutcheon: | Alternative food movements, sustainable agriculture, black geographies, race and racism, spirituality and religion

Tad Mutersbaugh: | Product certification, agrarian studies, marxist cultural and social theory, Latin America.

Kathryn Newfont: | Environmental history, Appalachian history.

Shannon Plank: | Native American studies.

Erik Reece: | Environmental journalism, creative writing.

Randall Roorda: | Literary theory, composition and rhetoric, gender and the environment.

Doug Slaymaker: | Contemporary Japanese literature, animal studies, disaster studies

Nari Senanayake: | health-environment geography, political ecology, agrarian livelihoods, feminist geographies, South Asian studies

ENS Sudent Affiliates:

Kelly Davison, ENS Student Representative

Michael Morris, ENS Student Representative

Carlie Martindale, Spencer Hodson, Kristen Gould, ENS Student Advisory Council



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