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ENS Program Faculty

ENS Program Faculty

Dr. Betsy Beymer-Farris: Director: | Global Climate Change, Gender, Plastic Pollution, Political Ecology, Coastal and Marine Resource Management, East Africa

Professor Tony Stallins: Undergraduate Advisor: | Ecology, Climate Change, Science and Technology Studies, Physical Geography

Dr. Lauren Cagle: | Environmental Rhetoric, Climate Change, Communication, Disability Studies

Professor Lisa Cliggett: | Sub-saharan Africa, Migration, Political Ecology

Professor Alan Fryar: | Hydrogeology, Geochemistry

Dr. Bob Sandmeyer: | Environmental Philosophy

Professor Jeffrey Seay: | Chemical and Materials Engineering, Conversion Technology, Sustainability

Professor Ted Schatzki: | Theory of Social Life, Philosophy of Social Science

Shane TedderSustainability Coordinator: | Campus Sustainability

Dr. Alice Turkington: | Geomorphology, Climate Change, Physical Geography

Professor Ernest Yanarella: | Appalachian Studies, Peace Studies, Political Science

ENS Staff

Teri Crutcher,, Department of Geography

ENS Affiliate Faculty:

Professor Ann Kingsolver: | Appalachian Studies, Social Justice, Latin America

Professor Jim Krupa: | Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Mammology

Professor Sarah Lyon: | Gender and Women, Political Economy, Ethical Consumption, Latin America, Labor

Dr. Priscilla | Alternative Food Movements, Sustainable Agriculture, Black Geographies, Race and Racism, Spirituality and Religion

Professor Tad Mutersbaugh: | Sustainability Certifications, Coffee Commodities, Labor, Gender, Latin American, Marxism 

Dr. Kathryn Newfont: | Environmental History, Appalachian History

Erik Reece: | Environmental journalism, Creative Writing, Sustainability

Professor Randall Roorda: | Literary Theory, Gender and Environment

Professor Doug Slaymaker: | Contemporary Japanese Literature, animal studies, disaster studies

Dr. Nari Senanayake: | Health-Environment Geography, Political Ecology, Feminism, South Asian studies