Program Description

What can an Environmental & Sustainability Studies major do for you?

Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ENS) is an interdisciplinary field that prepares students to analyze complex environmental problems from a variety of perspectives. This major brings together information from disciplinary subjects in the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, and public policy. ENS allows students to focus their studies on their passion by choosing one of three areas of expertise within the major: Economics, Environment, and Society. The ENS staff and faculty are dedicated to helping each student explore their interests both inside and outsde the classroom through assisting in internships, research, education abroad, and much more. Each student within our program leaves UK prepared to succeed in a professional environment.

Environmental & Sustainability Studies majors are able to:

  • Develop solutions to the world's pressing environmental issues collaboratively and collectively. 
  • Apply their coursework outside the classroom through experiential learning opportunities.
  • Study the links between local choices and global impacts.
  • Build a foundation in both science and policy.

The Environmental & Sustainability Studies program has the following educational goals:

Student Learning Outcomes
1. Development and utilization of critical thinking skills.
2. Ability to work independently in the creation of new knowledge.
3. Demonstration of excellence in communication, with an emphasis on writing.
4. Factual academic knowledge in a broad range of environmental issues.
5. Expertise in a specific area of Environmental & Sustainability Studies.
6. Understanding sustainability as the means to a healthy, productive, equitable quality of life for future generations.

Environmental & Sustainability Studies majors go on to become/work in:

  • Waste Management and Mitigation
  • Environmental Non-Profit Organizations
  • Environmental Law
  • Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Management
  • Climate Change Policy
  • Environmental Journalism
  • Environmental Justice Advocacy
  • Green Buildings and Architecture
  • Environmental Education
  • Clean Energy Systems


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