New and Prospective ENS Undergraduates

Welcome to Environmental and Sustainability Studies (ENS)!  Our Environmental and Sustainability Studies Program will teach you the skills to analyze complex environmental and sustainability issues from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. The core curriculum provides a broad overview of important themes, issues, and ideas in Environmental and Sustainability Studies.  Our courses emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving skills to address the world’s environmental challenges.  The ENS major permits you to customize your course work to match your environmental interests and sustainability goals. Students pick themes from areas of interest (Environment, Economics, and Society) allowing for flexibility in your coursework as well as a great opportunity to obtain sustainability specialities with a dual major or degree.  We focus on teaching you how to effectively communicate real world environmental and sustainability issues and solutions through scientific and non-scientific writing. These are the tools to build a successful career saving the planet!

If you are a new or prospective ENS major, please email Dr. Betsy Beymer-Farris (Program Director) or Professor Tony Stallins (Director of Undergraduate Studies).  

Program Director for ENS, Dr. Betsy Beymer-Farris

Undergraduate Advisor for ENS, Tony Stallins