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ENS Minor

The ENS department offers a minor in order to incorporate environmental studies into whichever program you are currently pursuing.

Minor Requirements - 21 total hours

ENS 201 - Environmental and Sustainability Studies I (3)
ENS 202 - Environmental and Sustainability Studies II (3)
PHI 336 - Environmental Ethics (3)

Chose one course from the following (3)
ENG 425 Environmental Writing
WRD 304 Writing in the Social Sciences
WRD 305 Writing Public Science
WRD 310 Writing in the Natural Sciences

Students must also complete three additional credit hours from each of the ENS Areas of Expertise: Economics, Environment, and Society (9).

Please consult the UK Undergraduate Bulletin for a list of all formally designated ENS elective classes. The UK Course Catalog will inform you as to what specific electives are presently available for you to register for. You can potentially take a class that is not listed in the UK Undergraduate Bulletin and/or in your degree audit with prior approval from the ENS faculty advisor.

If PHI 336 or ENG 425 course offerings are filled in the semester you plan to take them, or if you wish to take an elective that is not listed on your degree audit, contact the ENS DUS.

Consult the UK Undergraduate Bulletin for more information.