Double Majors

UK students can earn a double major by completing all university, college, and major requirements for the Primary Major, and all major requirements in the Secondary Major.  Students choose which major is their Primary Major.  Depending on the majors, work in the Primary Major may be applicable to the Secondary Major.  The student must indicate the double major to the student records office in his or her college(s). 

The student will have an advisor in their primary major who will be responsible for lifting their advising hold, if necessary.   They can contact the department for their secondary major to determine whom to see for any questions they may have regarding the second major.   The student who completes the requirements for a double major receives a degree from the college of his or her Primary Major and has the successful completion of the Secondary Major entered on his or her transcript. A Secondary Major may be completed after the degree for the Primary Major has been awarded. A secondary (“double”) major does not result in an additional degree.

A table containing information about ENS double-majors will be provided here as ENS students graduate from UK. The table will list the two majors to provide examples of degrees successfully obtained by ENS students. The table will also briefly describe what position the student obtained after graduation.


Graduation Year

Primary Major

Secondary Major





















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