ENS Courses at UK

Fall 2022 Electives courses available to ENS majors and minors

A note from the ENS Undergrauate Advisor for current students:
Remember that you can take elective classes that aren't listed in your MyUK GPS degree audit. Let me know if you take a class that is not listed in your degree audit so we can tag your records accordingly. Remember to follow all pre-requisite requirements. Some Economics, Environment, and Society classes in these lists require prior coursework or permission of the instructor. If you come across any classes that you would like to take that aren't on this list, please let me know. Not anything you want can be counted, but it is possible that there are courses being offered that I am not aware of but are suitable for ENS. Go over your transcript to make sure that all of your completed and planned coursework is being applied as you think it should toward your degree. Do not blindly trust your GPS degree audit, as it is simply an algorithm. Be on the lookout for new courses offerings that might be added.

Dr. Tony Stallins