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These are just a few of our graduates. If you graduated from ENS send us an email tell us what you are doing.

Emily Schroeder (2021)
Emily is presently working at Rubicon, a software company specializing in waste management based in Lexington, KY.

Bethany Schagane (2021)
Bethany is employed as the Environmental Coordinator for Heaven Hills Distillery.

Racheleanne Knoll (2021)
Rachel began working at Sustainable Business Ventures in Lexington, KY.

Carlie Martingdale (2020)
Carlie is finishing her Master's degree in ENS and working in the UK Office of Sustainability.

Hannah Phillips (2020)
Hannah is working in the UK Recycling Office as a content creator.

Amanda Breseman (2020)
Amanda is working as a Sustainability Coordinator at Alltech in Lexington, KY.

Sam Harmon (2019)
Sam is studying environmental law in the UK College of Law.

Sophia Dovenbarger (2019)
After graduation, Sophie worked for Bluegrass Greensource and then The Nest, a non-profit that provides resources to underserved families and individuals in the Lexington community. She is presently a Victims Court Advocate.

Abigail Fluke (2018)
Abigail began working toward a Master of Public Health with a focus on Environmental Health at the University of Florida.

Sarah Dalton (2018)
Sarah began work at Greenhouse17, which is a domestic violence shelter primarily and a flower farm that uses floristry and farming as therapy for the residents.

David Eades (2018)
David is living in Salt Lake City and works as a financial analyst for utility-scale solar energy installations.

Adrienne Hofman (2018)
Adrienne is working on a master's degree in Environmental Science at Université Savoie Mont Blanc in France.

Andreus Gregory (2018)
Andreus is self-employed and runs a marketing business in Houston.

Cassie Odom (2018)
Cassie began working with Bluegrass Greensource as an Americorps member through the Environmental Education Leadership Corps.

Ryan Lark (2018)
Ryan began work with the Kentucky Division of Waste Management as an Environmental Scientist.

Patrick McGurk (2017)
After graduation, Patrick moved to Southeast Utah to temporarily serve as an Interpretive Park Ranger in Canyonlands National Park through the Student Conservation Association. Since moving back to Louisville, he has been working for a company called Locus Energy.

Nicolette Jolicoeur (2017)
After graduation, Nicolette served as an Americorps Fellow with the CivicSpark Program.

Jennifer Taylor (2017)
Jennifer started a master's degree program in the Martin School for Public Administration after graduation.