David Eads (2018)

David graduated with dual degrees in ENS and Economics. His current position is Financial Analyst, Product Distribution at L3 Harris Communications., where his job duties are data management and cost accounting. "Basically it is my teams responsibility to make sure costs are assigned to the correct projects, products, and when they get unattached from these we are responsible for fixing them to ensure that we bill our customers correctly." 

During his time job-hunting, David decided to list out and record his application details. He applied to over 230 positions, and had about a 20% response rate. Of that 20%, he received 6-7 job offers. Of those offers, 3 came from a connection he had reached out to previously at the company. "I cannot say strongly enough that Networking Is Key, and don't be scared to do a cold call/email." He strongly recommends future ENS graduates to track their job search in some way. "Making that spreadsheet and tracking everywhere I applied and why, who my contact was/who to follow up with, and how long it had been since I reached out etc. was the best thing I did during my time searching."

David's favorite ENS classes were City Planning with Dr. Lynn Philips, Environmental Economics with Dr. Lala Ma, and Global Energy Issues taught by Dr. Dan Ionel


Abigail Fluke (2018)

Abigail decided to continue her education. She's currently working toward a Master of Public Health-Environmental Health at the University of Florida. Her current courses focus on many concepts that were touched on in ENS, including environmental injustice/racism as well as the close relationship that human health and the environment share. 

Abigail's favorite ENS class was ENS 300- Gender and the Environment with Dr. Beymer-Farris.


Lauren Thomas (2018)

Lauren graduated with a degree in Communications and ENS, with a minor in Political Science. She now works seasonal jobs, primarily in ecotourism and outdoor education. "Since graduation I've lived in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington state working in ecotourism positions. I'll soon be moving to Thailand to teach English for a few months and then to Hawaii to work on a farm for a stint."
Lauren's favorite ENS classes were Race and Natural Resources with Carolyn Finney, and Political Ecology with Dr. Beymer-Farris.
Adrienne Hofman (2018)
After graduation, Adrienne worked as a Financial Manager. She currently works as an Administrative Research Assistant Senior, dealing with Federal/FIH grant management and administration. While she doesn't work in the environmental field, Adrienne has started a local chapter of Extinction Rebellion with another ENS graduate.

Adrienne's favorite ENS classes were Environmental Ethics with Dr. Sandmeyer, World Water Issues with Dr. Fryar, Environmental Writing with Dr. Roorda, and Natural Science and Policy with Dr. Stallins. 


Sarah Dalton (2018)

Sarah majored in ENS with a concentration in Economics and a minor in Geography. She currently works at Greenhouse17, which is a domestic violence shelter primarily and a flower farm that uses floristry and farming as therapy for the residents. She helps with growing flowers and vegetables, floral arranging, and delivering CSA's.

Sarah's favorite ENS class was Environmental Justice with professor Bell.


Cassie Odom (2018)

Cassie recently started a position working with Bluegrass Greensource as an Americorps member through the Environmental Education Leadership Corps. She will be helping them through teaching K-12 kids, working with the outreach team to educate adults, and helping plan events such as their Green Living Labs and GreenFest.


Ryan Lark (2018)

Ryan graduated in spring of 2018 with a triple major in ENS, Biology, and Animal Sciences. Since graduating, he has held various positions including a Research Technician for UK Horticulture Research Farm, and a Hydrologic Technician for the US Geological Survey. Ryan currently works for the KY Division of Waste Management, where his title is "Environmental Scientist II". In this position, he focuses on researching how regulations will affect the public and private sectors.

Ryan's favorite class was Dr. Betsy Beymer-Farris’ Political Ecology class. "The class gave me a much needed perspective on several issues which often get viewed one-sided when you are an environmentalist.''


Patrick McGurk (2017)

After graduation, Patrick moved to Southeast Utah to temporarily serve as an Interpretive Park Ranger in Canyonlands National Park through the Student Conservation Association. Since moving back to his home of Louisville, he has been working for a company called Locus Energy. Locus is is a solar monitoring and data platform that provides monitoring solutions to over 150,000 solar sites around the world. Patrick serves as a member of the Client Support Team at Locus and also reports solar energy production data to various agencies that mint incentives for alternative energy production systems.


Nicolette Jolicoeur (2017)

After graduation, Nicolette served as an Americorps Fellow with the CivicSpark Program. CivicSpark is a California Governor’s initiative program administered by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and the Local Government Commission; CivicSpark is dedicated to building capacity for local governments in California to address community resilience issues such as climate change, water resource management and access to opportunities. Nicolette served in her home county of San Luis Obispo with the County’s Planning and Building Department in the Energy and Climate Section working in energy sector reporting, benchmarking the energy use of all seven cities in the county and producing the County’s biennial GHG emission report. Nicolette then enrolled at the University of the Pacific's McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, where she will be earning her JD and a Masters of Public Administration.


Jennifer Taylor (2017)

Jennifer Taylor graduated in 2017 with a bachelors in ENS and in Geography. She worked in UK's Department of Horticulture as a research analyst from and is now a master's student in the Martin School for Public Administration. Currently, she is the graduate assistant for the Office of Sustainability and hopes to pursue a career in environmental policy for the state of Kentucky.


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