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Arts & Sciences Advising Center

311 Patterson Office Tower

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 4:30 pm

859-257-8712 (phone)
859-257-5459 (fax)

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The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the value of academic advising. Academic advising provides students with the opportunity to build a relationship with their advisor for the purpose of gaining assistance in planning their educational career, in learning the skills needed for academic success, and in learning how to access the variety of resources and services available to them on campus.

All currently enrolled primary A&S majors have an assigned advisor listed in their myUK account. We encourage you to contact your assigned advisor, if you have questions or concerns.

Advising Assignments:
In the College of Arts and Sciences all students are advised by professional academic advisors or faculty advisors. Each student has an assigned advisor in myUK.

Freshmen A&S students (29 earned hours or less and first semester freshmen with more than 29 hours) are required to have an appointment with their assigned advisor. Each appointment is allotted 30-minutes. Appointments can be scheduled in myUK under the myInfo link. Detailed instructions on how to make an appointment through myUK are here. If you need to cancel an appointment, you may do so in the myUK appointment scheduling system or notify your advisor in advance, by phone or email.

Biology seniors (90+ earned hours and not on probation) should go to this link for information about advising: http://bio.as.uky.edu/biology-group-advising-session-registration

All other students (30+ hours) should look for information from their assigned advisor regarding walk-in and group advising opportunities.

On-Call Advisor
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 1:00-4:00 PM, Fall and Spring Terms Only
311 Patterson Office Tower or call (859) 257-8712

If you are a student without an A&S advisor you are welcome to come to on-call hours. Our on-call hours are available for:

  • A double major, but your primary major is in another college
  • A dual degree, but your primary degree is in another college
  • A prospective student not currently attending UK
  • A current non-A&S major student inquiring about an A&S major
  • A current A&S student who has been referred to on-call by their faculty advisor

Please note advising holds will not be lifted by the on-call advisor.


Advising Contacts:

Ruth Beattie - Associate Dean of Advising, 202 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-8354, rebeat1@email.uky.edu

Joe Lewis - Academic Advising Director, 327 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-8005, joe.lewis@uky.edu

James Thomas - Sr. Advisor of Instructional Coordination, 329 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-7337

Charlotte Anderson - Career Development Specialist, 303 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-9251, charlotte.anderson@uky.edu

Alicia Seabrooks - Academic Advisor, 377 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-8522, a.seabrooks@uky.edu

Jennifer Ellis - Academic Advisor, 331 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-9342

Jennifer Garlin - Academic Advisor, 301 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-3530, jennifer.garlin@uky.edu

Krista Abner - Academic Advisor, 315 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-6684, krista.abner@uky.edu

Kristen Aitkin - Academic Advisor, 333 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-4122, jai222@uky.edu

Dr. Sarah Ballard - Pre-Law Advisor, 319 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-4226, shardin@uky.edu

Chris Miller - Academic Advisor, 373 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-3614, c.miller@uky.edu

Phyllis Nally - Pre-Health Professions Academic Advisor, 309 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-2766, phyllis.nally@uky.edu

Meghan Robinson - Academic Advisor, 321 Patterson Office Tower, 859-218-6639, meghan.robinson@uky.edu

Daniel Wright - Academic Advisor, 375 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-1175, daniel.wright@uky.edu

Christopher Crutchfield - Pre-Health Professions Academic Advisor, 327 Patterson Office Tower, 859-323-4858, christopher.crutchfield@uky.edu

Stacy Farr - Academic Advisor, 303 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-4023, stacy.farr@uky.edu

LaCrystal Green - Academic Advisor, 305 Patterson Office Tower, 859-257-7922, lhgree2@uky.edu


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