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Tailor the ENS Degree to Your Interests


Students may tailor their ENS degree to their interests by selecting a group of related elective courses from the three Areas of Expertise. The identification of a particular theme could be based on a combination of instructor interests, student interests, and subjects for which there is significant career potential. These groups of classes would ideally be in areas that are of particular interest to the student in order to best prepare them for finding a career after graduation within the area they chose.

Students must still follow the “5:2:1” rule but students could submit a petition to: a) make minor changes to the 5:2:1 Rule or b) have other courses, not listed in the Areas of Expertise, count towards the elective requirement. The petition would consist of the B.A. Coursework Checklist and a justification for the requested changes. Examples of possible areas to focus your degree in are below:



Mapping and geographic information systems

Learn how to make maps and manage data related to the environment

GEO 309 - Introduction to GIS

GEO 409 - Advanced GIS
GEO 305 - Elements of Cartography 

GEO 419 - Introduction to Remote Sensing

The Global Environment

Explore how the global community and the environment interact and change one another.

ECO/ AEC 479 Public Economy

ANT 225 Culture, Environment, and Global Issues

ANT 311 Global Dreams & Local Realities

ANT 340 Development & Change in the Third World

ARC 315 World Architecture and Urbanism

GEO 225 Geography of the Global Economy

GEO 455 Globalization and the Changing World Economy

GEO 331 Global Environmental Change

SOC 380 Globalization: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

Environmental Health

Learn how a person and community's situation, role, and interactions with the environment affect their health.

GRN 250 Growing Old Today

GRN 585 Aging and the Environment

CPH 201 Introduction to Public Health

CPH 320 Fundamentals of Environmental Health

PHI 361 Biology and Society

SOC 363 Environmental Justice


Environmental Journalism

Acquire the skills necessary for a successful career in environmental journalism.

ENG 425 (Required) Environmental Writing

ENG 339 Author Studies

GEO 431 Political Ecology

WRD 304 Writing in the Social Sciences

WRD 310 Writing in the Natural Sciences

WRD/ ENG 401 Special Topics in Writing


Environmental Justice

Discover how certain communities and individuals are disproportionately burdoned with unfair treatment and lesser involvement within environmental laws, policies, and regulations.

ANT 225 Culture, Environment, and Global Issues

ANT 326 People & Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa

ANT 340 Development & Change in the Third World

ANT 375 Ecology & Social Practice

GEO 431 Political Ecology

PHI 361 Biology and Society

SOC 363 Environmental Justice

SOC 360 Environmental Sociology

SAG 201 Cultural Perspectives on Sustainability


Environmental Law

Learn how laws, policies, and regulations shape the conditions and treatment of the environment.

AEC 324 Agricultural Law

AEC 326 Principles of Environmental Law

FOR 280 Forest Policy

GEO 235 Environmental Management & Policy

NRE 381 Natural Resource Policy Analysis

SOC 363 Environmental Justice


History of the Environment

Study how people and cultures have interacted with their environment throughout history.

ANT 221 Native People of North America

ANT 240 Introduction to Archaeology

ANT 241 Origins of Old World Civilizations

ANT 322 Ancient Mexican Civilizations

ANT 340 Development & Change in the Third World

ANT 342 North American Archaeology

ANT 545 Historical Archaeology

ARC 314 History and Theory III: 20th Century and Contemporary Architecture

HIS 240 History of Kentucky

LA 205 History of Landscape Architecture


Resources and Products

Examine the natural resources cultures utilize within their communities and economies.

AEC 445G Introduction to Resource & Environmental Economics

AEC 545 Resource & Environmental Economics

ANT 543 Cultural Resource Management

BIO/GEO 530 Biogeography Conservation

EES 385 Hydrology & Water Resources

FOR 240 Forest & Natural Resource Ethics

NRE 201 Natural Resource & Conservation Management

NRE 381 Natural Resource Policy Analysis

NRE 545 Resource & Environmental Economics