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Betsy A. Beymer-Farris


Ph.D. Geography, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011
M.A. Geography, Miami University, 2005
B.A. Geography, Wittenberg University, 2002

Selected Publications:

Beymer-Farris, B.A., and T.J. Bassett. “Environmental narratives and politics in Tanzania's Rufiji Delta: a reply to Burgess, et al.” Global Environmental Change, 23 (2013): 1355-1358.

Beymer-Farris, B.A. (2013) “Rethinking resilience through a political ecology lens: producing biodiversity in Tanzania’s mangrove forests?” Chapter 10 in Land change science, and political ecology and sustainability: synergies and divergences, C. Brannstrom and J.M. Vadjunec (eds.). Oxford, UK: Earthscan Publications.

Beymer-Farris, B., T.J. Bassett, and I. Bryceson. (2012). “Promises and pitfalls of adaptive management in resilience thinking: the lens of political ecology.” Chapter 15 in T. Plieninger and C. Bieling (eds.) Resilience and the cultural landscape: understanding and managing change in human-shaped environments. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

Beymer-Farris, B.A., and T.J. Bassett. “The REDD menace: resurgent protectionism in Tanzania’s mangrove forests.” Special issue in Global Environmental Change, Adding insult to injury: climate change, social stratification, and the inequities of intervention, E. Marino and J. Ribot (eds.), 22 (2012): 332-341.

Bryceson, I. and B.A. Beymer-Farris. (2011). “Main challenges for coastal aquaculture development in the WIO region: who are the winners and losers?” Chapter 1 in Main challenges for coastal aquaculture development in the WIO region: who are the winners and losers, M. Troell, et al. (eds.). Zanzibar, Tanzania: WIOMSA Book Series.